MULTI Kindergarden Lift


MULTI Kindergarden lift - The worldwide most successful and economical ski lift system for ski schools and family ski slopes even for areas with little snow.

With a drive power of 2,2 kW (3 HP) and a speed up to 1,3 m/sec.
(255 fpm) the skiers learn how to use ski lifts as well as they learn how to use skis or snowboards.

Depending on the inclination of the slope the MULTI Kindergarden Lift is suited for a slope length from approximately 20 meters (65 ft) up to
100 meters (328 ft).

The MULTI Vertical Lift with vertical bull wheels as well as a speed up to 1,5 m/sec. (300 fpm) is an attractive version of the MULTI Kindergarden Lift.
The vertical bull wheels make it possible to enter and leave the lift from both sides of the lift. Due to this fact it is possible to take more advantages of the skiing area, while Young and Old are having a lot of fun.

MULTI Kindergarden lifts are certified in accordance to the European Regulation for cable ways 2016/424 and meet highest quality demands.

With a Multi Kindergarden lift you will get a first class product which brings satisfied customers and large profits to you, now and in the future.

MULTI SKILIFTBAU GmbH_Prospekt 2019-02_techn. Daten 2,2 kW

technical details

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