New invention!

a successful response to climate change

According to the US climate agency NOAA, the year 2015 was the warmest year since records began in 1880!
Nowadays almost no one doubts the climate change, whose effects we feel almost daily.
Winters are getting warmer and with less snow. The snow line rises continuously.
For winter operation still more snow guns were so far the answer, which, however, in warm weather often can not be used and usually are dependent on fossil energy.

For years people are trying to operate Summer Tubing on plastic mats, but just in dry conditions and under solar irradiation, plastic on plastic produces high friction and high wear. The use of lubricants is not environmentally friendly.

MULTI EVERTUBING is the environmentally friendly answer:
Mr. Leitner, organic farmer in Tittmoning and the pioneer of MULTI lift systems, Mr. Multerer from Grabenstätt, which provides rope tows and handle tows worldwide since 1969, have built an extremely attractive amusement system - MULTI EVERTUBING -

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The ultimate all-year-round fun for the whole family!

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The shooting was kindly supported by:
Family Leitner
84529 Tittmoning / Mühlham-Kay

On a thin layer of water, the tubes slide down to the valley.
MULTI EVERTUBING brings to Young and Old the same fun as the for nearly two decades in Europe proven and popular winter amusement attraction MULTI SNOWTUBING.

MULTI EVERTUBING in Tittmoning is operated energy neutral, protects the environment and provides a all year round operation, without being dependent on snow.
In the immediate vicinity of this attraction a photovoltaic system produces annually up to 55,000 kWh of solar power, much more than what the power consumption of this system of about 3.5 kW per hour for the electric motor and the water pump is. The water consumption is negligible because of the water circulation system.

All-year-round operation even without snow at low investment costs as well as the possibility to operate MULTI EVERTUBING more environmentally friendly and energy-neutral, provides a sustainable solution with much fun for Young and Old!

In leisure business you can hardly do more for the environment!