MULTI Carousel

In winter time the MULTI Carousel serve s as ski carousel. With the MULTI Carousel the beginners learn how to use skilifts as well as they learn how to use skis or snowboards, while having a lot of fun.
Because of the different handles the children advance to their first conventional ski lift ride in much shorter time and are able to do the very first ride at the conventional ski lift just like the big ones.
As the children make their first experiences with skis on even ground, they do not have any fear of altitude and they do not have to walk up the hill for the first rides. Even if the beginner is standing on its skies the very first time, he is able to “ski” at the MULTI Carousel, without falling down and without fear but rather with a smile on its face and a lot of confidence with the new elements. To ski with the MULTI Carousel is fun, nothing but fun. To plow, to carve, to balance – everything seems to be nothing but a child’s play.

In summer time the MULTI Carousel serves as attractive merry-go-round for any playground, restaurant, hotel, fun park etc.
Of course the MULTI Carousel ensures the greatest safety and quality possible, like all other MULTI products.

It is easy to handle, runs almost without maintenance and is most economical, last but not least because of the space provided for advertisement.

The MULTI Carousel – just the right thing for the children at your place !

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Multi Karussell 002

Multi Karussell 007

Multi Karussell
Learn to ski is a child's play!

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Technical information:


total height:
electric motor:
safety device:

standard equipment:
optional for summer time:

6 people at the outer diameter, up to 6 children seats at the inner diameter
winter time 6 m / summer time 2,2 m
2,8 m / clear height 2,4 m
1,1 kW
0,1-1,1 m/sec. frequency drive
sturdy galvanized frame
emergency stop, motor contactor, all turning parts are out of children’s reach
for winter time: t-bar-handles, disc-handles, plastic ropes
6 children seats